Three Ways To Market Your Restaurant To Hotel Guests

Posted on: 8 July 2015

Owning a restaurant located near a major tourist center doesn't always guarantee that you will get the business of all the vacationers. This is especially true if your restaurant's dining and cuisine style isn't readily discernible from outside, since tourists may opt for something familiar instead of trying you out. One way to solve this problem is to take your advertising campaign to the local hotels, which are the main hub for most tourists.

Hand Out Your Menu

Nearly all hotels, including both budget and luxury, have information on local eateries in the rooms. This is often provided in a folio that contains both phone numbers and sample menus. These folios are usually standard size, or 8 ½ by 11 inches, but check with your target hotels before printing.

It's best to keep the menu simple, so weary travelers can look it over quickly. If you offer takeout or delivery services, proclaim this boldly at the top. Also, include a small map to your location to ensure people from out of town can find you easily.

Get On the Racks

When you first walk into a hotel, you are often greeted by a display rack filled with brochures and cards. These cards are called rack cards. Some hotels make the racks available and businesses stock their cards as necessary. Other racks are curated and placed by advertising companies, and you will need to contact these companies to get on their racks. Both types are worthwhile advertising, though. Hotel patrons tend to peruse these for inspiration when looking for local activities and eating establishments.

Work with a company like M13 Graphics to print your rack cards, rather than trying to do so yourself. This will ensure they look professional. Keep your card simple so it catches the eye. A photograph of one of your signature dishes, done by a skilled food photographer, is enough to set mouths watering. Then, add your restaurant name and logo, along with the cuisine type and location. The back is a good place for a small menu or a coupon. You can substitute a small brochure for the typical rack card if you need to include a full menu for delivery or take-out.

Know the Concierge

High-end luxury hotels often employee concierges to help guests find local attractions and eateries. Think of the concierge as a classier version of the hotel brochure rack. Get to know the concierges in your area and provide them with rack cards or menus for your restaurant. Offer concierges a free or discounted meal so they can get a feel for your establishment, making it easier for them to make recommendations for their guests.


Beautifying Your Printing

When you own a business, it can be easy to get complacent about your printing. After all, one graphics-filled page is pretty close to another, right? Unfortunately, if you are printing low-resolution, fuzzy images, it might send customers the message that you don't care about the details. On my blog, you will learn more about printing so that you can make better decisions at the print shop. Check out these articles to find out more information about resolution, printing colors, and even types of media you can print to. By beautifying your printing, you might make your business look more attractive to consumers.