Tips For Designing An Effective Brochure

Posted on: 20 July 2015

Brochures are an exceptionally great way to advertise your business or provide information about an organization. People love to get something for free and will pick up a brochure just because it is there. The hard part is getting people to actually read it. Here are some tips for designing a brochure that will capture interest and bring business to you. 

Use an Attention-Grabbing Picture

Include a picture on the front of your brochure. People are drawn in by pictures and tend to turn away from print. If you can, use a picture that invites the viewer to ask a question or want to know more. For example, to advertise your doggie day care service you might use an adorable and very excited looking puppy straining on a leash to get into a building. The person holding the brochure will ask themselves where the dog is going and why the dog is so excited. 

Ask a Big Question

While you aren't going to have success getting people to read print on the front of the brochure, you can catch attention with a short phrase in very large print that the person will see immediately and read automatically. Putting your phrase in the form of a question will get people thinking in spite of themselves. Ask something like "Is Your Dog Home Alone?" will make people ask themselves whether they might benefit from your service. 

Don't Get Wordy

The inside of your brochure is the place to explain who you are and what you do. Use as few words as possible to get your message across. Use short paragraphs of two or three sentences, and separate paragraphs with extra spacing. 

It might be tempting to cram all the words you can into the space you have, but you could be turning off potential customers. 

Give the Important Information

Make sure your contact information is in large print and in a place that is easy to see. List your phone number, address, and email address. You can also list days and hours your business is open if applicable. 

Some people will only look at the front of your brochure and then read the contact information. You will probably have people calling to ask questions that are obviously answered in your brochure. 

Make an Offer

Including a coupon or a new client discount is the perfect way to get someone who is considering your surface to give you a try. 

Brochures can be excellent and inexpensive marketing tools. Design your brochure in a way that commands attention and draws in potential customers. 

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Beautifying Your Printing

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