3 Important Questions To Ask Before Choosing Copy Services

Posted on: 23 July 2015

If you work in a professional or office setting of any type, you will likely need to make or have copies made of important papers on a regular basis. Although the best way to do so for many years was simply the standard copies, today it is possible to choose environmentally friendly inks for your copier. Therefore, it is a good idea to know what the most eco-friendly factors will be for any ink that you may use.

What Kind Of Ink Should You Use?

Traditional ink is typically an expensive purchase and as a result, increasing its use has been an important idea for many years. Recently, soy ink has been reported by some users to meet that goal, when compared to petroleum inks. Because soy ink has been noted to produce approximately 15% more coverage, its ongoing cost is reduced. 

However, it is also important to note that reduced use of ink translates to fewer wasted cartridges and lower costs. Therefore, it is easy to see why choosing a printer that uses soy ink is so popular.  

Can You Use Recycled Cartridges For The Ink?

If you have recently bought any type of ink for any printer or copier, you probably noticed that there is a significant fluctuation between the various brands, colors and sizes of ink. Fortunately, if you use a recycled cartridge for the ink, it is common to be able to save money on the purchase, since there are fewer costs to the manufacturer.

You may not have immediately noticed that you can re-fill many of the existing cartridges for a deeper discount. That also means that you will leave less of a carbon footprint, since you will not be leaving as much waste in the landfills. 

Can You Refill Your Existing Cartridges?

It is helpful to note that there is a distinct difference between recycling old cartridges and refilling others. However, if you are familiar with the idea of "Recycle, Reuse and Reduce", the benefits are remarkably similar.

In most contexts, reusing is better than recycling, and both are better than buying new all the time. If you use a printer that uses cartridges that can be refilled, it is an ideal way to minimize costs and the stress on the environment that mass production contributes to.

In conclusion, today's world often includes making copies of copies, which can quickly become both expensive and harmful to the environment. When you are ready to choose a copier that limits both of those issues, remember to ask the right questions.


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