Design And Print A Custom T-Shirt To Memorialize A Special Event Or Occasion

Posted on: 26 January 2017

Having a custom t-shirt screen printed is a fun and unique way to celebrate any event or occasion. You can print a single t-shirt for yourself or print shirts for your family and friends. A custom printed t-shirt is a great gift that you can give to people who come to a private party or work on a church or school project. Custom t-shirts can be a great remembrance for all participants. Here are things to do to get a custom t-shirt design printed:  

Design Your T-Shirt:  Draw your own design by hand or with a computer drawing program such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Printshop Pro, AutoCAD, or any other computer drawing program that you like. If you draw your design by hand, scan your drawing into the computer so that it is a computer file. It is best to work in one or two ink colors to keep the price down. Each color will add an additional cost as each color is an additional screen printing. You can have your designs printed on the front, back, and sleeves of your t-shirts. Screen printed t-shirts can be printed on many shirt colors. Choose the color of shirts that you wish to have screen printed and the ink color that you wish to use. Light ink works well on dark-colored t-shirts and dark ink works well on light-colored t-shirts. 

Work With A Screen Printing Printer:  You will be working with a screen printer representative on your order. As your order is being worked on, your representative will contact you to show you the progress of the design and get your approval. Choose fonts that your screen printer has that work well with your designs. Each change or addition that you make on your design will be sent to you for your approval. As you work on your design, your representative will advise you of the cost of each shirt. He or she will also confirm the number of t-shirts that you wish to have printed, the shipping speed that you want, and the day the final shirts can be delivered. 

Finalize Your Design: Once you approve the final design, your t-shirts will be printed. Your screen printer will advise you as to the length of time it will take to print your order. Some screen printers can print your t-shirts in a few days, while other screen printers may want a week or two to print your shirts. Many times you can have your t-shirts printed faster if you pay an expedited printing fee. This fee is set by the screen printer that you use. 

Receive Your T-Shirts:  You can have your screen printed t-shirts sent to you by the U.S. Postal Service, a parcel shipping service, or you can pick them up yourself from the screen printer. Each t-shirt will be folded and wrapped individually. Check with your chosen screen printer for their shipping methods, fees, and time estimates. 

Once you design and print a custom t-shirt, you may want to do it again for other events. Screen printed t-shirts are a unique way to celebrate and memorialize an occasion for many years. 


Beautifying Your Printing

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