Basic Tips For Printing Quality Flyers

Posted on: 7 February 2017

One way to get your brand message out to potential clients is by using flyers. If the flyers have been completed correctly, your business may see an increase of new clients. However, there are certain things you should consider when putting together your brand message for a flyer. For a flyer to be effective, it has to have the correct blend of content, images, design, and concept. Professional printing services should be able to assist you. In addition, the information below provides some tips for printing quality flyers for your business.

Keep It Simple

Don't over-think your concept—just keep it simple. If you try to put too much information onto your flyer, then the overall message may be lost. It's essential that you get straight to the point and use font variations, such as bold and italics in the text. In addition, you can use bullet points to highlight things of importance.

Use Taglines

Taglines are a great way to say a lot, with very few words. Think of it as a Twitter post, with 140 characters or less. The tagline should be placed underneath your headline, and it should summarize the products or services you have to offer. Create a tagline that will ultimately connect with your clients; it should clearly convey the purpose of the flyer.

Two Flyers In One

Try something different—don't just use one side of the paper for your flyer, but both sides. This allows you to convey your message in a greater way for maximum impact. Consider creating a digital story on one side and add text and promotions to the other. You could even include a map that provides directions to your location.

Run Promotions

Once a potential client has your flyer in their hands, you have to present a hook to reel them in to want to find out more. The information presented may not be retained if there isn't something that requires potential clients to take action. For this reason, you should consider providing discount codes for products or services. In addition, you can include dates of sales and other promotions. It may also be a good idea to invite them to call for a consultation as well.

Produce Quality Products

The quality of the paper used should be taken into consideration. Consider using a heavier stock so that the flyer is more durable and doesn't tear easily. The paper should also have a glossy finish on the side that has digital imaging and matte for text. Professional services such those offered by the UPS store should be able to assist you in choosing the correct type of paper for your flyers.


Beautifying Your Printing

When you own a business, it can be easy to get complacent about your printing. After all, one graphics-filled page is pretty close to another, right? Unfortunately, if you are printing low-resolution, fuzzy images, it might send customers the message that you don't care about the details. On my blog, you will learn more about printing so that you can make better decisions at the print shop. Check out these articles to find out more information about resolution, printing colors, and even types of media you can print to. By beautifying your printing, you might make your business look more attractive to consumers.