Create Embossed Fliers to Advertise an Upcoming Garage Sale

Posted on: 15 February 2017

If you are going to be holding a garage sale in the near future, create some embossed fliers that provide information about the event to attract the attention of people in your community by completing the project below. Once you have created fliers, post them on bulletin boards indoors or laminate them and secure them to telephone poles, trees, or additional outdoor structures.


  • copy paper
  • pencil
  • stencils
  • ruler
  • copy machine
  • newspaper
  • embossing ink
  • stamp pad
  • artist's paintbrush
  • embossing powder
  • hair dryer or heat gun
  • permanent markers
  • laminating sheets
  • scissors 

Create A Template, Make Copies, And Apply Ink And Powder

Decide what information you would like to include on each flier. Trace number and letter stencils with a pencil onto a piece of copy paper. A ruler can be used to assist with lining the stencils up evenly. Use a standard copy machine at a printing establishment to make several copies of the template.

Place the copies on a newspaper-covered surface. Choose the words in your description that you would like to emboss. Saturate a new ink pad's sponge with embossing ink. Dip an artist's paintbrush into the ink and use the tool to apply embossing ink to each flier. Sprinkle embossing powder on each ink-covered section. Slightly tilt and shake each flier to remove excess powder.

Heat The Powder And Laminate Some Of The Fliers

Move a hair dryer or heat gun back and forth over the powder-covered sections. As you do this, the powder will melt and transform into smooth, slightly raised areas. Avoid overheating the surface of any of the fliers because the embossed sections may become discolored or appear to have cracks in them if they are exposed to too much heat. Once all of the powder has melted and all of the embossed areas have a uniform appearance, wait a few minutes for the treated areas to cool down. Use permanent markers to outline the embossed areas if desired.

Select the fliers that you would like to laminate. Place each of them in between two laminating sheets that are self-adhesive. Press together each set of laminating sheets that surround a flier Trim the edges of the laminated fliers if they are uneven. Hang the fliers up in various locations. If people take the time to read the information that was added to one of the fliers, many of them may stop by the garage sale that you will be holding.


Beautifying Your Printing

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