How To Personalize Your Gifts

Posted on: 14 July 2015

Whether it's for a birthday, an anniversary or any other special occasion, it's great to give personalized gifts. If you are wanting to plan ahead, here are some ideas that might inspire you to create unique and attractive gifts for your friends and family. Personalized Aprons - Aprons make really great gifts for men, women and children. If you are good with a sewing machine, consider making your own. Otherwise, craft and hobby stores often carry plain aprons that can be embellished with your own design.
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Three Ways To Market Your Restaurant To Hotel Guests

Posted on: 8 July 2015

Owning a restaurant located near a major tourist center doesn't always guarantee that you will get the business of all the vacationers. This is especially true if your restaurant's dining and cuisine style isn't readily discernible from outside, since tourists may opt for something familiar instead of trying you out. One way to solve this problem is to take your advertising campaign to the local hotels, which are the main hub for most tourists.
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Preparing Your Business For A Power Outage

Posted on: 30 June 2015

At some point, every business experiences a power outage due to an electrical malfunction or severe weather. You need to prepare so that, if the power goes out, you can keep your employees and customers safe and, in some instances, continue to do business.  Lights You should invest in emergency lights that automatically turn on during a power outage. If the building has little natural light, you should also provide each employee with a flashlight.
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